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When I met Hayley, we instantly clicked. She had such a fun, sweet spirit about her and we had so much in common! But what I wasn't prepared for was this pink coral suit. I had no idea there would be this amazing pop of color but boy was it genius. I am now thoroughly convinced that all grooms need a pop of color and doing so with a suit is the way to go.


I headed to Hayley's to grab some detail shots of the rings and shoes! Hayley went with some gorgeous cowgirl boots with this orange, red and turquoise detailed embroidery all around! It made for some of my favorite rings shots I have ever taken! Then I grabbed Winston's shoes and took some detail shots of his! Isn't it fun to see how different their styles are?


During Hayley and Winston's wedding day, we carved out some time to do some bride and groom portraits at the reception venue Homesteader Hall in Huntley, Montana! The Homesteader Hall is a part of a museum so you can imagine what cool locations and backdrops I found. I arrived about 30 minutes early to scout the location and see where I could take them. I drove to the back and found an abandoned kiddie ferris wheel, a beautiful white barn and a large tree with some tall tanks! I was hooked and eager to take their bridals.

Winston had a few minutes to kill before the ceremony so I took him outside to get some solo groom shots. He was totally rocking it! I took him somewhere where no one could see him because we wanted to make sure to make that WOW factor at the ceremony.


I couldn't have asked for a more perfect ceremony set up. Of course I had no say in the set up but these two did it RIGHT! I love outdoor ceremonies because you are surrounded by nature and your loved ones. What made this ceremony set up so perfect was that it was completely SHADED! For the best pictures, you want as much even lighting as possible!

Another thing I praise Hayley and Winston for is having an unplugged wedding ceremony. If you don't know what that is, let me explain! When a bride and groom have an unplugged ceremony, it just means they want their guests to put their cellphones, cameras and any electronics away during the ceremony and be present during a very important milestone in their lives. Think of it this way, there are no cameras, ipads or people standing up in your professional pictures. Who wants a big, fat ipad sticking out of the aisle in your forever wedding pictures? NOT ME. And I hope not you!


After the cermony, we pulled aside a few family members and close friends for some formal pictures :)


The Reception took place at the same museum! It is called the Homesteader Hall. It's perfect for a medium sized wedding! There were pulled pork sandwiches involved and Italian soda. YUM! We had some awesome surprises like the maid of honor rapping to Eminem's "The Real Slim Shady" but it was about how Hayley and Winston met. It was absolutely hilarious! No one expected it and the maid of honor was trying so hard not to run out of breath and laugh at the same time!

The dances were also so special because Hayley got to dance with her mom and they both cried and embraced each other. I may have started crying myself! Then when the music picked up the pace, Winston got flipped upside down and everyone started laughing really hard! Everyone who danced, had an absolute blast and I had a blast capturing everyone in their natural habitat.


Photography: Ashley Williams Photography

Dress: Step'n Out


Florals: Designed by Heather Lear (Sister of Bride) bought from Gainan's Midtown Flowers

Venue: Homesteader Hall in Huntley, Montana

Bridemaids Dresses: David's Bridal

Cake: Aletha Durtsche (Aunt of Bride)

DJ: Tektonics

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