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Wednesday 082918

Okay. So last night WE WENT TO A SHAKIRA CONCERT. It was beyond amazing. I fell in love with her music even more and now I might be just a little obsessed. The next day, we spent it in LA and Santa Monica :)

How great is it that LA is only 2 hours away from my hometown??? VERY. My family and I would go there for little getaways every now and then and we hadn't done that in quite some time. Since my Tia Silvia (Aunt) was in town too, we went to a wholesale shopping mall so she could stock up on clothes for her boutique in McAllen, Texas. Here are some crazy clothes and fashion that we saw while we were there.

- Santee Alley | Los Angeles, CA -

Then we went to Santee Alley where it is pretty much little Mexico. My parents LOVE that about this place considering they are both from there. They had funky fashion stores, yummy street food, and Emma got to see a lot of colors everywhere.

- Santee Alley | Los Angeles, CA -

We were wrapping up our day trip but before we leave, it's dinner time. We went to Enterprise Fish Co. in Santa Monica. It is one of our favorite restaurants to go to. We pretty much go for lunch or dinner every time we go to the LA area.

Since it was happy hour, we ordered a total of 20 oysters! My Aunt never tried them. My mom didn't think she would like them but she did! So we also ordered a bowl of poke to share with the family, I had to get my Lobster Bisque WHICH I LOVE, Then at the very bottom, we have pictures of my parents interacting with Emma at the table!

- Enterprise Fish Co. | Santa Monica, CA -

We decided to make a last minute trip to The Third Street Promenade in Downtown Santa Monica for dessert. We enjoyed yummy treats from Carlo's Bake Shop and had an impromtu photoshoot with my parents and Aunt!

- Third Street Promenade -

- Carlo's Bake Shop -

- Mom & Dad -

- Tia Silvia -

- Heading Out -

Today was a great day with my parents. Tia Silvia and Emma and I can't wait for the next trip there! Until next time, LA!

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