Updated: Mar 18

So medium-sized announcement! I am beginning to take on more mentorships. This bridal session was actually a boyfriend + girlfriend who agreed to play dress up and let us take pictures and let Sierra put some of my advice and pointers to work. So grateful for Makayla & Justice to model for us!

Since I had my camera along with me, I also took shots while I was at it because the lighting was AMAZING and so was the chemistry between these two. Couldn't pass up this opportunity!

Before our mentor session photoshoot, Sierra and I hung out and I let her ask me any questions she had. I was an open book and answered her questions. Then when we headed to the session, we were able to put her new knowledge to the test! Thankfully Makayla + Justice were super patient and awesome to work with!

One of my favorite things to do for my photographer friends is sneak in some action shots. So I had to get some of Sierra in her natural element of course!

It made my heart so happy to watch her learn some cool new stuff, have it all click and then be happy with the results she got from looking at the image she just took on her own camera. That, to me, is a win. #ProudMomMoment lol

As we were wrapping up, we went ahead and let Makayla + Justice go and thanked them for all of their help. Sierra and I got to talk through everything like what went right and what went wrong. What we could do better next time. She was such a great student and such a quick learner! So proud of her!

Since she was just starting her business, I thought "Hey! You probably should get some headshots done to get your business started!" and we did just that!

If you would like to have a styled shoot together and/or mentor session with me, please email me at ashwillyphotography@gmail.com

Read about what Sierra had to say about our Mentoring session together!

"Ashley graciously allowed me to tag along to a mentoring session/photo shoot and teach me all her tricks! She was kind, patient, and perfectly helpful! She even took headshots for my own portfolio! I will forever be grateful for this experience and would recommend 10/10 to anyone looking for a photography mentor!"

-Sierra Williams of Sierra Williams Photography

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