I am so excited to bring to you my very first youtube video! Recently, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Sarah Jane on Sunday, March 22, 2020. Everything went so well! A few weeks ago I had a newborn photographer friend lined up to go to the hospital and take our photos but with the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospital began to restrict who could come to the hospital. When it was our turn to go to the hospital, they were only allowing your support person which was my husband Nathan. Thankfully I was able to just bring my own gear and equipment and shoot my own Fresh 48 pictures while in the hospital but that isn't the case for most of you. That's why I wanted to make this video for you! If you had a photographer lined up to take your newborn pictures and you had to cancel on them for the same reasons as myself, have no fear! I am going to teach you how to take your own newborn photos using just your iPhone!

(Feel free to watch the video below or read on! They will basically have the same information!)

Before I begin, I do want to mention that I will be shooting with the iPhone XR and all of the following images have not been edited or retouched in anyway. They were taken straight from my iPhone's camera!

1. Good lighting = better photos

The most important tip in my opinion is to have the best lighting possible! If you watch the video, you will see that I rely on the lighting of the biggest window in my mother baby recovery room. I also discuss and show you the correct and incorrect way to face your newborn. The best direction to face your newborn is with their head closest to the window or having their side of the body to the window. I highly do NOT recommend having their feet closest to the window because that will make your baby have some harsh shadows and it will be unflattering in the photos!

Also, natural light is the best light so be sure to turn off all of the other lights in the room and only use the light coming from the window. To get the best and brightest possible light, shoot in the morning or afternoon! Definitely before 6pm-ish.

2. Pay close attention to the shadows

Avoid having the light source come up from underneath you baby's face. That will create harsh shadows in an unflattering. You want to have the light coming from above your baby's face to have the shadows work in their favor and have the light highlight your sweet baby's true facial features.

3. Use the camera grid to help straighten out your photos

If you enable this feature on your iPhone, it will be a great help. Having all the visible lines be straight in your photo make your iPhone pictures appear more professional.Just pick a visible horizontal or vertical line that you see through your iPhone's camera lens and line it up with the lines on the grid! You can also use the grid to help center your subject!

To activate this feature on your iPhone, go to Settings > Camera > Grid and turn that bad boy on!

4. Steady hand and FOCUS!

To have the sharpest pictures possible, hold as still as you possibly can and tap your baby's face on your iPhone's screen to get your lens to focus on it! You are going to want your baby's face to be the sharpest and most in focus thing in the picture!

5. Selfie mode

Want a picture of you and your baby and anyone else that is there with you??? Set your iPhone down on a flat, solid surface and set up the timer on your camera! I explain how to do this way better in the video so make sure you watch that too!

6. Bring your own props!

If you have any special baby toys, or clothes, or blankies, or wraps, BRING THEM WITH YOU!!! They will make your iPhone photoshoot so much more of a personalized experience!

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