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I don't know if this is a Billings thing but every single shoot I have had this month, it has rained and right when I think we should cancel, the skies clear up. I mean I am not complaining but it would be nice to have a day where I didn't have to worry about if I needed to wear a heavy rain coat or shorts and flip flops out to my sessions with y'all.

Jezebel was my first AWP (Ashley Williams Photography) Senior of the class of 2020 season. She will be graduating from Columbus High School! Man we started with a BANG! During our session, we had Jezebel (obvi), her mom Cheryl and her cute little pup Rue (hopefully I spelled that right!).

At our first meeting, Cheryl had expressed to me that Jeze wanted graffiti and I was so down for it considering how much I love all things colorful. So our first few shots took place there. The rain was coming down and stopped every few minutes. So that was annoying. Regardless, we got some pretty dope, colorful shot.

***PRO TIP: When you are shooting at a location that has a super busy background, like this graffiti alley, keep your outfit as simple as possible that way you don't get lost in the busy background. We want to make sure you stand out!

Just in case you didn't know, I LOVE having parents at their kids' Senior Portrait Session with me. It is so much fun and I put them to work! Okay it's not as bad as you think. Sometimes, I just want you to keep an extra eye out for wardrobe malfunctions, make up and hair checks haha! Other times, I have you help me hype up your kid so they can feel the best and most confident in front of the camera! One of my absolute FAVORITE things I love about photographing seniors is how they open up and become more confident in front of the camera as our session goes on. It is seriously so cool!

In this session, since we had an overcast sky at our first location, I needed mom to help me with the reflector. A reflector is a circle piece of material that is made of silver (or gold) reflective material that you can bounce light off of and into the face of the subject. Overcast will give you some pretty gnarly dark circles so we cancel those out with a reflector.

After our first location at this really colorful graffiti alley we headed to one of my personal favorite locations: a car garage. You will notice with this location and outfit choice, we are doing the complete opposite. Since now the location is simple and not as busy, we can use more pattern in our outfit choice like Jezebel did!

Here are my favorite images from our second location!

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