Updated: Jul 16, 2019

I turned my music down as I pulled into the parking lot of our photoshoot location on a gloomy, wet day hoping that it wouldn't get any colder than it already was. It was chilly and I was dressed in so many layers but it just wasn't enough.

I get out of my car trying to find Nick and Jessica. I see a couple in the distance snuggling up to each other, barely wearing a layer or two, holding hands and giggling, walking towards me. That has got to be them! Those two are SO in love!

It was the giddy type of love. You know that feeling when you wake up on Christmas morning and you have presents waiting for you under the tree or in your stocking? THAT type of giddy. There was no breaking these two apart. Nick gave Jessica the most precious, careful and delicate kisses I have ever seen. I couldn't help but let out an "Awww!". They were just too cute!

The love they had for each other was so genuine and true. They are best friends and I got to document and freeze this young love that they will be able to share with generations to come.

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