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Updated: May 8, 2019

This is by far the craziest client experience I have had so far. In a good way of course! ;)

I opened my email to a message from Katie asking about my packages and availability and whatnot. I looked at the little picture that came with her email and she looked so familiar. We talk about meeting up and talked about where we lived and it finally clicked, SHE IS MY NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR. How did this even happen??? She found me through a google search! I was so excited to finally meet my neighbor and now I get to shoot their engagements and wedding. Talk about a small world!

Fast forward to our engagement session in Red Lodge. The weather had been okay all week but on this Saturday morning, it was gloomy and super dark but we figured it would clear up for the photoshoot later on that night... WRONG. Well... kinda. Let me explain.

We loaded up Katie's car so we could carpool and we saw that it was still gloomy outside but we went on our way anyway. Our photoshoot destination is about 45 minutes to an hour away. About halfway, the weather only got worse. I'm talking darker clouds, rain, thunder and lightning. Basically everything you DON'T want in a photoshoot. We made took a group vote and talked it out. Did we want to just turn back and reschedule? Or just keep going and make a double date out of it and just head back after that? For some reason, we decided to keep going and make a date out of it instead of just turning back around.

We get to Red Lodge and thought, "What if the weather clears up while we have dinner???" I had soooooo much faith and hope that it would. We stopped at Red Lodge Pizza Co. and we had some bomb pizza and buffalo wings and a great time. We didn't even care about the bad weather anymore because we were enjoying each others' company. By the time we cleaned up and get ready to head back to the car, THE WEATHER CLEARED UP AND WE HAD PERFECT LIGHTING FOR THE PHOTOSHOOT!!! PLUS the perfect "after rain" smell in the mountains for the most fun and perfect photoshoot ever.

We head to our location, goof around, cracked some jokes, got comfortable in front of the camera. It was perfect. My neighbors are awesome and they were so fun to shoot with. Here are my favorites.

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