Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Where do I begin? Jessica and I have had the pleasure of working together before. I have also known her for quite a few years considering we went to high school together and both participated in the colorguard and orchestra (I can't believe freshman year was 10 years ago! Yikes!).

Jessica + Mike met in Math class in college. Let's just say things ADDED up for them. Do you see what I did there? HA. Math jokes. I won't go off on a TANGENT of all the math puns I can make ;) They went to Denny's together and that's where they really hit it off and consider it their first unofficial first date and the rest is history.

We took these two to the top of a parking structure where not even 20 minutes in , we got kicked out. APPARENTLY the 6th and 7th floors are closed to EVERYONE after 5:00pm because some drunk homeless guy started throwing beer bottles off from the roof and onto the pedestrians down below. So THAT is scary and very unfortunate of him to ruin this golden hour goodness for all of us photogs in Bakersfield. Thankfully the security guard was very sweet and let us stay up here for a few more minutes since he figured we were harmless :)

After we politely got kicked off the rooftop of this parking garage, we moved around downtown Bakersfield to see what we could find. I felt like I had my "go to" spots but I wanted to try something differently! So I found a few spots that were a little out of my comfort zone!

I. LOVE. MURALS. Or anything colorful really! We found some awesome murals downtown! One was completely shaded and the other one, we were in direct sunlight. I had my clients close their eyes and when I counted "1.. 2.. 3!" They opened their eyes! Yay for no squinty eyes!

This was another "unique" spot I bumped into. Jessica and Mike were standing in front of this super cute fence that I found in front of the "Atomic Kitten" hair salon. You couldn't really see that there were people in the salon working so that was nice!

And now... For my favorite background find. Drumroll please!........

THE AT&T BUILDING. That's right. since when did AT&T become so chic? I love this minty blue/green color especially with Mike's blue suit and Jessica's flowy, blush dress. It just tied everything in together. I took soooo many pictures here. To say this spot was my favorite is a complete understatement. Can I shoot here forever please?

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