It is so incredibly important for a photographer to specialize in a a niche and for me, that is Seniors and Couples/Weddings. But I have a confession to make... every once in a while, I will take in a newborn session or a family. All you have to do is ask ;) My favorite types of sessions other than what I specialize in is newborns and Fresh 48 sessions to be specific. If you don't know what a Fresh 48 session is, it is usually when the photographer goes into the hospital within 48 hours of a precious little babe being born. In this case, we actually got to go a little past 48 hours and more like two weeks and in the comfort of the baby's actual home! THIS type of session is called an in-home newborn session. If you aren't a fan of getting pictures done in the hospital, this is a way more comfortable option for you and your family!

This sweet family goes to church with me! My daughter and their son are good friends and love to play with each other. I am so grateful the Smiths let me into their home to capture these sweet first moments together as a family of 4! It makes me very excited for my own family to go from 3 to 4! Here are my favorite shots from this intimate family/newborn in-home session!

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