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Updated: May 8, 2019

If there is one thing that gets me soooo giddy, It's surprise proposals. I love it when the guys reach out to me and tell me about their vision and how they want to propose to their future wife.

Steven reached out to me on Facebook and said he had a meaningful way to propose to his girl, Kate. He was telling me that Kate's favorite book is Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" so he wanted to include that in the proposal. So we go on and talk about ideas and we finally settled on one!

Fast forward to the day of: We met up at the spot, he told me exactly where he wanted to kneel and propose to her and I found a spot to hide!

A few hours later and it was GO TIME. I stood there, hiding in my super secret hiding spot and waited for them. Then he gave me the nod and I began to take pictures!!!

Kate was SO shocked! After I had been exposed, we chatted and she told me she knew something was going on because Steven had been acting all funny! She did admit that I was a good hider because she had no idea I was even there! Our entire rest of our session together was awesome. They were so cuddly and lovey dovey with each other and we were all just so giddy together. I just LOVE love so much. How will you propose to the love of your life?

These are a few of my favorite from our surprise engagement session! We took a few after the actual proposal to celebrate!

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