Updated: Jul 16, 2019

I knew Rachel for quite sometime now but I had never met her son. I sat next to him in the car and he sat in his carseat very quietly and looked forward as we drove to our location. Once we got off, Rachel asked him if he was ready to take pictures and his eyes lit up in excitement and he jumped out of his seat and was eager to cross the street as he saw me make my way down to our spot.

As soon as I raised my camera at Rachel and Brayson, he showed off his pearly whites. He was ready. Mom was ready. Oh this is going to be easy. They were so natural together and he listened so well! After the first picture I took he shouted out, "CAN I SEE???" He ran to my camera and giggled at the picture on the screen and commented, " She is so adorable!" and looked at his mom.

The rest of our session together consisted of tickle attacks, making each other laugh, making silly faces ONLY after giving me a normal smile and asking to see every picture I took because Brayson was just SO excited!

I posed them, he asked to look at the picture, and then HE would come up with poses. "Can we do the forehead one again????" He wanted to growl in mom's face. Adorable.

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