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My husband and I riding one of my favorite rides at Disneyland on our Honeymoon!

Hey! I'm Ashley! Born in McAllen, Texas. Raised in Bakersfield, California. Currently living in Billings, Montana with my husband and our beautiful baby girl, Emma. I love all three of those places so. very. much. Oh... and Disneyland. Can't forget that one.

My husband and I have been together for 5 years now! We went through a long distance relationship for TWO years. (Yes... Two years.) I was living in Bakersfield and he was going to school at BYU-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho. After 8 months of dating through skype, he flew to LAX to meet me in person and to share our very first kiss. My parents were both there and they recorded the whole thing:

A mutual friend introduced us. It was all God's timing. I know he puts specific people in our lives, at specific times, for a specific reason. so I owe it all to Him. After our long distance, we had enough and got sealed in the Newport Beach LDS Temple on August 11, 2016!

We had our little Emma Rose on February 15, 2018 via emergency c-section. One month early. I developed severe pre-eclampsia at the very end of the pregnancy and it was yuck. We both survived even after some very scary circumstances. I could have had life-threatening seizures and Emma wasn't breathing when she was born because she had her umbilical cord wrapped around her little neck. We are so grateful for those doctors and nurses for all that they did
to bring her back and to have her here in our lives. We love her. (If you want to read all about this scary experience, read the blog here:
I now want to share why I started photography. That's why you are here. Right?? So growing up, I attended many weddings and quinceaneras because my dad is a wedding singer! My mom managed the band and she would bring me and my brother along to go and support. We would just chill by the sound booth. I would be that little girl to get the party started. I would always drag my mom to go dance with me to my dad's music on the dance floor and the dance floor would get more and more crammed from all the people dancing! I would always smile at the cameras and be a total goof. Here I am 22 and nothing has changed, Lol! As I got older, I would take pictures of these events on my phone just because. Then I branched out and took random pictures of everything! It wasn't until September 2016 that my husband bought me my very own point and shoot camera to take my love for pictures to the next level. I was self taught and looked up different resources to learn as much as I can. Youtube, other photographers' advice to me, famous photographer's blogs. ANYTHING! In the end, practice and experience is was what makes you better! I saved up money to get a better camera and a few lenses and here we are!
The thing I love most about shooting is making people feel good. I want them to feel beautiful or handsome and feel comfortable. My number one goal with our sessions is to make sure you are comfortable. Whenever I get a good shot, I get overly excited. So don't be surprised if I squeal at my camera screen, run up to you and show off the beauty that is YOU. I want to make sure that you get the best. I take pose ideas see what works and what doesn't and get those shots you really want plus my ideas. I like to describe my editing style as true to color, full of life, clean and crisp color and quality. So if you like your pictures to look timeless to show to your family of generations down the line, then I am your girl.
You know who loves dancing at weddings (and in general)? This girl.

If you don't know it by now, I am always VERY excited.

Our daughter is also always excited too haha

In my spare time, I love to play the violin! I play with the Canyon Creek String Ensemble here in Billings, Montana.

Bonus Facts!

Some of my hobbies and things I love are:
Color: Purple. Does the purple hair give it away?
Animals: I love cats AND dogs <3 I have a cat named Oliver. He is pretty cute.
Music: Twenty One Pilots, Ariana Grande, Imagine Dragons and Grupo Abigeo! Basically anything I can dance/jam out to.
Food: Pizza, In-N-Out, Panda Express, CHIPOTLE IS LIFE!!! Cheddar Cheese Popcorn, Tabasco, Buffalo Wings, I loovveeeee ranch, cheesecake and cotton candy ice cream. YUM.
Movies: Back To The Future the trilogy and anything Disney. Toy Story and Coco are tied for fave Pixar, Peter Pan is my fave classic and Cinderella is my favorite Disney princess :)
TV Shows: Stranger Things, The Office, How I Met Your Mother and Glee!
Video Games: The Legend of Zelda (currently playing Breath of the Wild on the Switch and ohmygosh LOVE. IT.)
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