Katie is a gorgeous friend of mine. She graciously agreed to model for me in her wedding dress that she never got the chance to wear. Before she sold it, I brought up the idea of getting some professional pictures done in her dress for herself and her face lit up with excitement! I asked her to come over, I did her hair and makeup myself (remember, I am a professional photographer, not a professional HMUA lol) and the day before I picked up these florals from Hobby Lobby and arranged the bouquet myself (I am also NOT a professional florist lol).

While we were getting ready to head out, she checked out her hair and makeup and just looked so happy and told me, "I never thought I would get to look at myself all dolled up like this in my wedding dress! I feel beautiful!" Did I try not to cry? Oh I was holding it in so hard. Sorry Katie haha. But THIS is why I love my job so much! I get to make people feel beautiful and confident in their own skin and they have pictures to look back on and see how beautiful they look through someone else's eyes! Enjoy these beautiful bridals of my dear friend Katie.

Model: Katie Koenigshof

Dress, Belt, Shoes, Veil and Jewelry: Step'N Out Bridal

Hair and Makeup: Ashley Williams

Bouquet: Hobby Lobby

Location: Zimmerman Trail

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